Invitation to Irish schools to make and share documentary films with students in Vietnam #VISLI 15

 January 09, 2015

The Vietnam Ireland Schools Link Initiative supported by the Embassy of Ireland in Vietnam is looking for Irish schools to join the network and make films with us over the next few months. This project run by The Learning Project Asia has been working with four schools in Hanoi and is inviting applications from Irish teachers and schools that would like to get involved with this project.



Why would I want to get my class or activity involved?

To learn and communicate with students in Vietnam through a creative and collaborative project. Making documentary films develops research, communication, critical thinking and team building skills. Also, making films is both challenging and fun.

How does the programme work?

Students create films in teams of three or four based on a range of challenges and guided by workshops that are listed on this page dedicated to this project.

When is the project running?

The Vietnam schools are making films as part of a weekly after school programme that runs from Feb - May. Irish schools could make the films over a shorter time frame as an in-class or after school project.

What age of students is this project for?

Students aged 15-17. This project would be well suited to Irish transition year students.

What resources would I need?

Access to one camera or phone with a movie function and one laptop per group of three students.

What experience would the students and teacher need of making films?

This project is open to learners with all levels of film-making and technical expertise. No experience is needed to participate. Students and teachers can learn as they go. In addition to the resources and forums on the website The Learning Project Coordinators and Vietnam based student leaders will also support groups as they make their films.

How much will it cost?

The Project is free for all the schools participating due to the generous support of the Embassy of Ireland in Vietnam.

Deadline for applications

Friday 14th March 2014

Please - email Gareth O’Hara - or tweet/ direct message @learndesignplay to apply or for more information