Project: HIS Grade 11 2016 Hue

This trip is focused on service. Students are pushed to develop themselves in new and unfamiliar areas while getting to understand some important development issues and learning about the difference they are capable of making in the wider community.

The lead in to this trip is as important as the participation during the trip week itself. The larger group of students will engage in fund raising for Blue Dragon Children’s Foundation in order to fund the efforts of the Blue Dragon staff in supporting the trip; arranging site permission with local government and joining the group to assist with local community relations.

The lead in to the trip is also an important time for the group to prepare for the activities they will participate in. By engaging with our Learning Project leader, they will design a playground or other structure that Blue Dragon has identified as being something that the community requires. Teams are then formed to focus on different areas of the trip; for example community relations teams, building teams and communications teams who can begin to prepare their plans for action.
The challenge, of raising funds, designing and creating physical strucutures and living with a rural community in a remote part of Vietnam helps students to develop key skills including: Teamwork skills in a real world environment, Leadership qualities and Communication techniques