Project: JWOC Project Preparation

Activity 1 – Project Preparation

In this phase you will:

  • set up your online profile with a photo and basic info
  • take a photo that says something about who you are and explain it
  • set up your own blog page and your first blog

To get set up follow the instructions below:

v  Go to the homepage of this website:

    v  Sign up using the form on the page (not facebook or google)

    • Enter your name and email address
    • Fill in your details – register as a student (unless you are a teacher!)
    • Check your email account for the ‘verification email’
    • In the verification email click the link and confirm your address
    • This will bring you back to the Learning network site
    • If you get an ‘Error’ message don’t worry, just click ‘Home’

    v  On your Home page click ‘Update Profile’

    • Check the details are correct
    • Upload a photo to use as your avatar
    • Leave the ‘Personal Website’ space empty for now (unless you have one)
    • Write a short introduction about yourself
      • Where are you from? How old are you? What do you do / study?
      • What do you like to do in your free time?
    • Save this and you will see the changes on your profile page

    v  If you do not already have a personal blog now is the time to set one up

    v  Once you have it set up, copy the link to your profile page