Project: VISLI Project Preparation

Project Preparation


Key learning tasks involved in this project

  • Thinking about the implications of your Digital Footprint
  • Discussing with your group how to interact and learn effectively on-line
  • Creating a blog (a digital portfolio) that reflects your interests and approach to learning
  • Joining the learning community by registering with the Learning Network Asia website
  • Linking your blog to your LNA Profile and creating your online avatar


“The way to function in a connected world is to share without thinking about what you will get in return.”

Stephen Downes

In this introductory phase, teachers and students register with the website. They then create a blog, which is linked to from their profile page. Students must then complete the 'About Me' section in their profile, upload a suitable photograph to serve as their avatar, and begun interacting with other students and their teacher via the website.